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Dry Chemical Industrial Fire Systems

Industrial Suppression Systems Inspection, Sales and Service

Dry chemical fire suppression systems provide the fastest fire knockdown and greatest total coverage, making them the industry standard for paint booths and mixing rooms. Dry chemical systems provide fire protection against Class A (debris), Class B (fuel), and Class C (electrical) fires. This system is effective by flooding a volume of space with a fire fighting agent to suffocate the flame.

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Dry chemical fire suppression systems are primarily used in large, industrial applications like chemical storage, petrochemical loading and off-loading facilities, auto paint booths, dip tanks, mixing rooms, open-faced booths, and more. They are especially useful in environments where water is inaccessible or where a fire sprinkler system is not preferred. Since they are non-conductive, they can also be utilized to suppress fires on flammable liquid fires that involve live electrical equipment.

Dry Chemical Industrial systems are available for a wide range of applications such as paint booths, paint mixing rooms, storage containers and more. We offer inspections, service and even installation.

Why Choose Us? 

  • Customer Driven - We are committed to understanding the needs of our customers and to exceeding their expectations every time.

  • We follow safety measures - We are very serious about safety. We take additional care that no person is put at risk to achieve our goals.

  • Communication is our strength - We communicate effectively and clearly with our clients so that we know what they mean.

  • Documentation is important - We provide detailed inspection and service reports so you have them when you need them. 

  • We follow the approach of ‘forward thinking’-  We have years of knowledge in the field which gives us the ability to recognize, anticipate and act to ensure a successful result.

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